Bitumen Technology

AIEA only institute in East Africa that will offer you the best training the equip you to manage this materials in delivering excellent performing pavements

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Pavement Design Methods

AIEA coordinates training on both the new French Design Methods, Superpave Method to meet the ever demanding requirements for high perfoming pavements

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Bitumen Emulsion Technologies

AIEA offers you the best training in bitumen emulsions; concepts formulation and application for both Coldmix, Slurry Seals, Surface Dressing and ETB

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New 2017 Courses

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AIEA being the first ever institute to offer solutions challangeing East Africa Road Construction industry, We are proud to be the reference point for both Road Authorities and Consulting Engineers in Solutions based on Bitumen for Roads
Our unique services in training, research and development in asphalt pavement will certainly provide a reliable end point for East Africa. We have collaboration established with various institutions and universities recognised in pavement technology solutions and we seek to ensure that we become self reliant and able to develop unique solutions affectig africa roads.

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Regional Training

AIEA will be providing training on Bitumen, Modified Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsions Technologies to Engineers, Consultants and Contractors in EAC States in 2017

Course cost and Schedule will be comminicated soon on the website, Kindly send us an email to register you on our mailing list.

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Kindly visit our courses page to view the current training. You can also make request to our enquiry mail on special courses we can make arrangement to provide.

We have resources and contacts we can facilitate training to meet specific road construction technology needs.

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Customized Training

AIEA can customize training programs best suited to your requirements, kindly send us an email to discuss further.

Custom Classes